Wedding dance choreography for that special dayBy arrangementDance choreography and rehearsalBelinda/Toly
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Pay as you go! No Membership required! All classes are between £3 and £5 Pay as you Go. Discount cards available for blocks of classes paid for in advance - average saving £10 on 10 classes and you don't pay for anything you don't use! Try everything and see what you love 🙂
Monday6.00-6.30amRock Indoor CyclingBelinda
6:30-7:00amRock Indoor CyclingBelinda
Tai ChiJohn
5.15-6.00pmBeginners Power StepXanthe
5.30-6.00pmRock Indoor CyclingBelinda
5.30-6.50pmKazoku Karate Academy - Children OnlyChris
(Robyn 07436 893849)
6.00-7.00pmPower Step Belinda
6.00-6.30pmRnB Indoor CyclingLaura
7.00-8.00pmKazoku Karate Academy - Adults OnlyChris & Robyn
07436 893849
8.15-9.15pm Kazoku Karate Academy - Adult Fitness
(Robyn 07436 893849)
Tuesday5.15-6.00pmChildren's Musical TheatreHannah
07512 286046
5.15-6.00pmZumba!Xanthe & Beth
5.30-6.00pmRock Indoor CyclingBelinda
Boogie Bounce
6.00-7.00pmIntermediate/Advanced Tap It OutBelinda
7.00-7.45pmRnB Indoor Cycling & AbsLaura
7.00-8.00pmBallroom & LatinToly
7.00-8.00pmFreestyle Commercial Bev
Wednesday6.00-6.30am Rock Indoor CyclingBelinda
6.30-7.00amRock Indoor CyclingBelinda
10.00-10.30amBoogie BounceBeth
10.30-11.00amBoogie Bounce RevolutionBeth
5.00-5.45pm Adult ContemporaryHannah
07512 286046
5.00-5.45pm Street Dance (3-8 years)Xanthe
5.30-6.00pmRock Indoor CyclingBelinda
6.00-6.30pmBoogie BounceBeth
6.00-6.30pm Rock Indoor CyclingBelinda
6.00-7.00pmStreet Dance (9-13 years)
6.30-7.00pmBoogie Bounce RevolutionBeth
6.30-7.00pm Rock Indoor CyclingBelinda
7.00-8.00pm Step & Kettle BellsLaura
7.00-9.00pmStreet Dance (14+ years)Xanthe
Thursday5.30-6.00pmRock Indoor CyclingBelinda
5.30-6.00pm Boogie BounceBeth
5.30-6.50pmKazoku Karate Academy - Children OnlyChris & Robyn 07436 893849
6.00-6.30pmRock Indoor CyclingBelinda
6.00-6.30pm Boogie BounceBeth
6.30-7.15pmZumba!Xanthe & Beth
6.30-7.00pmRnB Indoor CyclingLaura
7.00-7.45pmRnB Indoor CyclingLaura
7.00-8.00pmKazoku Karate Academy - Adults OnlyChris & Robyn
07436 893849
8.15-9.15pmKazoku Karate Academy - Adult FitnessChris & Robyn
07436 893849
Friday6.00-6.30amRock Indoor CyclingBelinda
6.30-7.00amRock Indoor CyclingBelinda
5.30-6.00pmRock Indoor CyclingBelinda
6.00-6.30pm Rock Indoor CyclingBelinda
6.00-7.00pmHiiT & CircuitsLaura
Saturday9.30-10.15amStreet DanceXanthe
9.30-10.15am Ballet/Tap (3-4 years)Katie & Amy
10.30-11.15amStreet DanceXanthe
10.30-11.15am Ballet/Tap (4-5 years)Katie & Amy
11.30-12.30pm Ballet/Tap (5-8 years)Katie & Amy
Sunday8.30-9.00amRock Indoor Cycling Belinda
9.15-9.45amRock Indoor CyclingBelinda
10.00-11.30am Kazoku Karate Academy - Adults & Children combined class
(Robyn 07436 893849)
10.00-10.30amRock Indoor CyclingBelinda